XDS-1060 Android Sign Board

10.1″ wide Smart Signboard

800×480 Resolution


TML5 Media Player built-in with 4GB RAM

6x Push Buttons

VESA mount-ready

Motion Sensor

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10” Smart Signboard with Motion Sensor

The XDS-1060 Cloud Signboard is a full featured screen designed for small spaces, such as retail shelves or reception desks. Includes motion sensing technology to turn the screen on/off or change the content presentation based on a viewer stepping in front of the device. This allows for switching from a background attract loop to a more dynamic eye-catching animation when a viewer is detected. Also, the XDS-1060 includes 6 buttons to allow for additional user interaction which can be programmed to show different videos based on what they choose.

The XDS-1060 Cloud Signboard fulfills the need for visual communication in limited space. The innovative form factor of the Smart Signboard gives you unique access to communicate with your customers in the retail shelf space as well as on reception desks.

Built-in motion sensor and touch buttons allows the unit to deliver the right content depending on whether the viewer is a passer-by or an engaged captive audience.

Engaging Fresh Content

The XDS-1060 also can be personalized on the software end, thanks to its support of HTML5 and SMIL. With these technologies, this unit can display a wide array of content, such as images, videos, graphics, and high-quality fonts. Through the use of JavaScript, dynamic content is also possible, as data from a live database or feed can be displayed as well.

Promote Right Where You Need It
It’s time to replace printed ads on your sports bar tables with IAdea’s XDS-1060 digital signage solution. Beautifully display your bar specials on 10.1″ LCD wide aspect ratio screens at each table for guest to swipe through. The XDS-1060 offers advanced signage features such as StrongCache for continued playback even when network is not available. You can now effectively revise or remove promotional offers. Instantly update sold out menu items as they become unavailable.

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