MBR-1100 Media Player

Full HD, small, compact and easy to use

1080P Resolution



Built in 8GB Ram

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Our MBR-1100 Wireless Media Player is our most compact player – designed for direct HDMI installation right into your screen. About the size of a deck of cards, the MBR-1100 is still exceptionally powerful, supporting full motion HD video and smooth graphics playback. Simply plug-in power, configure Wi-Fi and you have a full HD and HTML5 capable media player ready for advanced cloud-based content. It’s just that easy to install the MBR-1100.

Wired or WiFi
Unlike some other direct HDMI pluggable players, we’ve included wired LAN access in addition to Wi-Fi, for screens that demand a wired connection for real-time content. For Wi-Fi installations, the MBR-1100 includes a large antenna – a feature not even found on competitors HDMI plug-in players. This helps ensure your player reaches the network even when placed some distance from your hot-spot. In tight spots behind your screen, we’ve included an HDMI extender cable to allow for installation anywhere behind the screen.

Like all of our players, the MBR-1100 is expandable as well, with a micro SD card supporting up to 32GB for longer video playback. With the dual USB ports, you can even add a 3G/4G networking card for installations where no other network is available.

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